Charlotte Motor Speedway Time Trial Series

2017 Race Dates
Race #1 – April 12
Race #2 – May 10
Race #3 – June 21
Race #4 – July 12
Race #5 – August 16
Race #6 – September 12 (tentative)


New for 2017:

- CMS TT long sleeve tee with series registration
- Motor Sports Category
- Merckx Style Category for Men and Women
- Team/Club Competition and Motor Sports Team Competition
- Discount on series registration for teams of six or more
- Custom Giordana Champions jersey for each category winner

How to help make the 2017 Series a Success: We’ve learned from putting on the TT events and from talking with other ride directors that there are a few critical elements to keeping cycling events sustainable. Two of those are excellent rider participation and having reliable volunteer assistance. Start2Finish will emphasize those two items as plans are made for 2017 and future years. It’s imperative that all of us keep those in mind if we are seriously interested in keeping events prosperous to where we can enjoy them every year.

Please help spread the word that it’s critical that riders participate, not only in the TTs but other cycling events we all enjoy. Invite another cyclist to ride in events. Look for ways to volunteer and support events. When the CCTTA was putting on the time trials we utilized over 30 volunteer slots per event.

End of the CCTTA: Unfortunately the CCTTA cannot continue to put on the events in the future mainly due to ongoing financial challenges. For the past several years the CCTTA has been subsidizing the cost of the events from funds that were set aside to keep the Series going. Consequently, the CCTTA Board members have decided to disband the organization.

Series History: The Time Trial Series at Charlotte Motor Speedway has a long history that dates back well over 20 years. From what we know, it is the only Cycling series of its kind where cyclists can participate in ongoing events like a Series at a Major Speedway. The Series was started by local cyclists with the assistance of Humpy Wheeler in the early 90s and was later formalized by the Tar Heel Cyclists in Charlotte. In 2004 the Carolina Cycling Time Trial Association (CCTTA) was formed to organize and operate the events.

The CCTTA is a 501c4 Not for Profit organization and its membership is made up primarily of representatives from Area Bicycle Clubs (ABCs). The CCTTA has been putting on the events since 2004. One of the main principles of the events is they have been open to riders of all abilities above a minimum age. If you’ve ever ridden or attended an event you saw a great diversity of cyclists and equipment.

The CCTTA is very thankful for the success we enjoyed for twelve years of putting on the events. We were able to give back over $100,000 to the local community with a lot of those dollars going back to our supporting Area Bicycle Clubs. We would also like to thank the many volunteers and organizations that made the events possible. The Charlotte Motor Speedway has been extremely cooperative and hospitable throughout the 20+ years of hosting the events. We were able to partner with the Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society that played a vital role in monitoring the safety of the entire Speedway and provided instant communications if there was an incident. Lastly, the support and the involvement of the Area Bicycle Club (ABCs) and hours of volunteering was tremendous. While there were individual unaffiliated volunteers and bicycle clubs that would participate from time to time, in 2016, the active ABCs were the Cannonballs Cycling Team, Spirited Cyclist Cycling Club, Race City Cycling and Gaston County Cyclists.

Farewell from the CCTTA: Thanks to those of you who attended or participated in one of the past events. It was our pleasure to have served you and we look forward to seeing you out on the road.

Thanks to all for another great series!!

Are you new to the Charlotte Motor Speedway Cycling Time Trials? Please see our the General Information page & First Timer Tips page for lots of good information.

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