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Race Dates for 2018

April 11 - May 1 (Tuesday) - June 13 - July 18 - August 8 (ITT & TTT) - September 12

Please don’t contact the Charlotte Motor Speedway

Charlotte Motor Speedway enables the Start 2 Finish the ability to produce the time trials at this wonderful venue. However, the speedway cannot help you with registration or any other information about the time trial events. PLEASE DON’T CONTACT CMS.

Please review this website for answers to your questions

We have tried to make all pertinent information about the TT at CMS available on this website. Please look at the many pages for the information you need. If you cannot find the required information, e-mail your inquiry to the address on the Contact S2F page.

Why Ride the Time Trials

Click HERE for a good article about time trialing in general and the unique aspects of time trialing at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

When are the races held

Please see the Home Page and Registration Page for specific dates. All 2017 events will have a Kids’ Even (Please see the Kids’ Event Page). Most years one date also includes a four-man team trial (again, please see the Home Page and Registration Page for specific information).

Chip Pickup

Chip pickup for pre-registered riders, and onsite registration begins at 5:00 p.m. Normally, the first rider starts at 6:30 p.m. and riders continue to start until 7:30 p.m. Pre-registration is recommended. Registration opens approximately thirty days prior to each event, and will close at midnight the day prior to each event. Onsite registration is also available at a higher cost of $40 per event.

Weather Policy

The race is held rain or shine, though we do NOT ride when there is lightning. If lightning is seen during an event, Track Marshals will instruct riders to leave the track immediately. Failure to obey the Track Marshals will result in a suspension from the remainder of the series, with no refund.

Refund Policy

Start 2 Finish does not provide refunds for any reason. Therefore, no refunds will be given for events cancelled due to bad weather. Please understand that thunderstorms are a common occurrence during summer evenings in the Southeast. We have rarely had to cancel events, but it is a possibility.

Directions To the Track

The Time Trial Series is held only at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina, just north of Charlotte, Interstate 85, exit #49 Bruton Smith Blvd. When you arrive at the main entrance road to the track, turn left and follow the road around the track to the rear. There you will need to sign in and drive through the tunnel to the track infield. Click here for directions to the speedway facility.


Click HERE for a map showing where to park, location of registration.

Paying Onsite

Onsite registration must be paid with credit and cash or a check made out to the Start 2 Finish.


There are NO Refreshment stands open during the TT events. We recommend that you bring with you something to eat and drink.

Timing Chips

A Timing Chip is issued to each rider at the registration area, which is in one of the garages. We suggest that riders immediately strap their timing chip to their left ankle. We have riders at almost every event forget to attach their chip, often leaving it in their vehicles. Consequently, they do not receive a time.

If you own a timing chip, please see Timing Chip Check to learn about testing your timing chip.

Timing Chip Return

Volunteers will collect your timing chip at the end of your ride. We use chips that are valued at over $100, and any rider failing to return his chip will be responsible for reimbursing the Start 2 Finish for its replacement.

Bib Numbers

A Bib Number is issued to each rider, and must be worn on the left side. Please see the Bib Number Position Picture (featuring 2012 CCTTA President Joe Price) for the correct placement of your bib number.

Results are available online during and after the races by scanning the QR code on your bib number.

Please pick up a new bib # at each race! Bib numbers are changing from race to race, so DO NOT re-use your bib number from a previous race. The use of incorrect bib numbers has been causing major problems in our ability to correctly record times.

10 Common Time Trial Mistakes

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Split Times for Total Times from 18:00 to 36:00

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Track Elevation Profile

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Weather Emergency Situations

Click HERE to view this article

How Points Are Awarded

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CMS General Track Info

Click HERE for Charlotte Motor Speedway website

Kids’ Fun Ride

Usually we have one or two of these on the summer dates. Please see the Kids’ Event page for complete information.

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