Charlotte Motor Speedway Time Trial Series

Race Dates for 2018
April 11 - May 1 (Tuesday) - June 13
July 18 - August 8 (ITT & TTT) - September 12

2018 REGISTRATION: Registration will open VERY soon. We are proud to announce Giordana is back on board as a presenting sponsor for the series. We are working on finalizing support from several more potential sponsors. These sponsorships will help decrease the entry fee cost for the event. As soon as these sponsorships are final, we will open registration. We are hoping to have registration open by March 15.

THe 2017 Giordana CMS TT Series Winners jersey

Race #6 Start Times

New for 2017:

- CMS TT long sleeve tee with series registration
- Motorsports Category - TT Bike and Merckx Categories
- Merckx Style Category for Men and Women
- Team/Club Competition and Motor Sports Team Competition
- Discount on series registration for teams of six or more
- Custom Giordana Champions jersey for each category winner

Merckx Style Category We have added a Merckx Style Men and Women's category to the series for 2017. What is Merckx Style? It's old school bike set up: no time trial/triathlon bike, no aero bars, no disc wheels, and no aero helmet. Skin suits and shoe covers are permitted in this category.

Motorsports Industry Category Another new category addition for 2017, we have added two different Motorsports Industry categories to the Time Trial Series. For those in the industry who have TT bikes, we have the TT category. For those in the industry who will be racing with a standard road bike, NO TT bike or clip on aero bars, we have the Merckx Style. We will have a separate team points competition just for the Motorsports Industry. Points will be combined from the TT Bike and Merckx Style categories. See below for breakdown on team points. Let the smack talk begin!

Team Competition For 2017, we will host two Team Competitions, one for the Motorsports Industry and another among all other teams competing in the time trial. ALL individuals MUST put the correct team name in the registration system to be considered for the team competition. The Team Competition will consist of team members across all categories earning points. The points will be derived from a 2017 individual points earned each night, see below. The top six participants from your team will be scored each night in the team competition. During race #5, the ITT and TTT will count towards the Team Competition.

Series Discount for Teams/Clubs There is a $15 discount for SERIES registration for any team/club with six or more participants. If you have a team of six members or more, please email Neal at to receive a registration code for your team. Members MUST be a current member of the team or club and wear the team jersey.

Individual Points For 2017, we are using a new points system where we will score the top 15 participants in each category. 1st - 30, 2nd - 28, 3rd - 26, 4th - 24, 5th - 22, 6th - 20, 7th - 18, 8th - 16, 9th - 14, 10th - 12, 11th - 10, 12th - 8, 13th - 6, 14th - 4, 15th - 2

Awards Giordana cycling apparel has agreed to create a super cool custom winner's jersey for the champion of each category. At the final race, we will have an awards ceremney and jersey presentation.

Thanks to all for another great series!!

Are you new to the Charlotte Motor Speedway Cycling Time Trials? Please see our the General Information page & First Timer Tips page for lots of good information.

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