Track Record

The following individuals hold the honor of having set the overall fastest ever time for the 10 mile distance at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Time Trial Series:

  • Thad Dulin
    time: 18:50.49
    avg. speed: 31.84 mph
    set on July 25, 2007
    On this same night, previous track record holder Chris Harkey set a new personal record of 18:58.65.
  • Chris Harkey
    time: 19:06.89
    avg. speed: 31.29 mph
    set on June 28, 2006
  • Pat McCallion
    time: 19:22.98
    avg. speed: 30.97 mph
    set on August 20, 2002

All of these names are engraved on the CMS Cup, which honors all the overall track record holders. In an unfortunate turn of events, the actual trophy has been lost, however, thanks to digital photo-editing, the cup survives in the virtual world.

Click on CMS Cycling Cup to see the coveted trophy.

See Track Record Holders By Category (updated through 4/20/11) to view the record holders in each age and race category since the beginning of the CMS Cycling Time Trial Series.

See Team Time Trial Record Holders for best times set in the four-rider ten mile team time trials (updated through 9-30-2009).

CCTTA Nullifies Time Set by Peter Cannell on 7-30-2008:
(posted 4-12-2011)
The United States Anti-Doping Agency recently announced a multi year suspension for cyclist Peter Cannell due to a doping rule violation. Peter is also being stripped of all his results back to 2007. Peter Cannell has been the current Track Record Holder for the 10 Mile Time Trial that the CCTTA conducts at Charlotte Motor Speedway. His track record was recorded in July, 2008 which is within the time period the sanctioning bodies are stripping him of his other results. While the CCTTA events are not sanctioned events, by rule, we are also going to remove Peter Cannell as the current Track Record holder along with nullifying his times for that night.

The Track Record will now belong to Thad Dulin who set the Track Record in July, 2007 with Chris Harkey holding the Track Record prior to Thad.

The CCTTA is very disappointed to hear news of any cyclist that admits to using or tests positive for prohibited performance enhancing drugs. The CCTTA Time Trials are focused around friendly competition with their peers with the real winners being individuals who have improved their overall health and fitness.

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