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Special thanks go to Walt Richardson for coordinating the volunteers for the last several years.

Listed here are the different job categories as organized by the Carolina Cycling Time Trial Association (CCTTA). Within each category, from three to ten workers participate at each event:

  • Registration Operation
  • Start/Finish Set Up
  • Start/Finish Take Down
  • Track Set Up
  • Track Take Down
  • Start Operation
  • Finish Operation
  • Timing Operation
  • Results Category Verification
  • Trackside Safety Marshals: Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society (MARS)

Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society (MARS)

write-up courtesy of Bill Heybruck …

The Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society is a local “ham” radio club that was formed in 1949. Its approximately 150 members are dedicated to public service and fellowship. In addition to the CCTTA, MARS operators assist with the “MS 150 Ride to the Beach” put on by the National MS Society as well as the annual “Crop Walk” and other charity events. MARS operates five VHF and UHF radio repeaters to assist in local communication. MARS also supports the local Amateur Emergency Service (AES) which provides communication among the local Red Cross shelters and Charlotte-Mecklenburg EMS in times of an emergency or drill.

This year has been the best for recruiting volunteers as track marshals and their training program ensures knowledgeable people are there watching out for the riders. When an incident is spotted, it is immediately communicated by radio to the start/finish line who can call EMS or other personnel to the scene. We do not need to rely on a rider passing word. All track marshals are in sight of one another so the entire track is covered.

Pictured here is 2011 CCTTA President Joe Price recognizing the contributions of the MARS team to the 2011 series:

Also, thanks go to Justin Chin for providing photographs & Terry Shiels for the excellent team time trial video.

Volunteers, performing many different jobs, team up to present

the Charlotte Motor Speedway Cycling Time Trial Series.

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